A comprehensive overview of Aristotelian and Thomistic philosophy (scholasticism); including ancient and modern atomism, ontology, logic, epistemology and metaphysics

  Joseph E Barrett 

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I shall renew thy youth as the eagle's

Scholastic Philosophy: lectures and essays

The greatest happiness of the thinking man is to have fathomed what can be fathomed, and quietly to reverence what is unfathomable: Goethe

Epistemology Logic What is it anyway? The Silencers
Mechanism Ontology Natural Law Utter Bohrdom
Dynamic Atomism Knowledge Is it a habit? The new gods
Dynamism/energism Motion to being Cicero on law Schism of sciences
Classical cosmology Source of law A gift like angels Perils of Pierre
Classical cosmology II Linguistics About Huxley Fides et Ratio
Time and Space Proofs of God Outrage to senses Structure of Theory
Descartes Physics of a believer First idea of Mass Jordanus
The Letters of David Goldstein

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